National Trade Policy

Government has, over the last Twenty (20) years, implemented policies aimed at eradicating poverty and ensuring prosperity for all Ugandans. The national resistance Movement Government, witht he help of the people's mandate, remain committed to this cause. these efforts have led to significant reduction in the poverty levels from 56.4% in 1992/93 to 31.1% in 2005/06.
More needs to be done to ensure that all Ugandans move and stay above the povery line. The national Trade Policy is just on of the namy instruments through which is going achieved. The trade Policy chaeges Government with the primary role of eliminating barriers to trade, and proviving an enabling environment in which the private sector will thrive and build capacity to produce quality goods and services competitively, reliably, and on a sustainable basis. More importantly, the policy identifies the salient relationship and linkage between the trade sector and the productive sectors such as agriculture and insdustry for exploitation as crucial pillars in move towards transformation.